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6 Tips for Cleaning Pet Accidents

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Accidents are inevitable, we mostly see this in puppies and our senior pets. But there is something you can do. I’ve made a quick and convenient guide for you to manage your pet's accidents. I've owned many different species of animals over the years so messes are not new to me by a long stretch! In this blog post I'll share the easiest hacks to keep your home spick and span.

1. Be quick!

A mess that is cleaned quickly will reduce that awful smell as well as any stains that may occur. Stains are not an easy task to get out, and if left may require a professional to come in. This is obviously more expensive so make sure you take action right away-it will save you tons!

2. Technique is key

Do not scub-always blot! Scrubbing will only push it deeper into the carpet and leave you worse off. Be patient and gentle. Once you have soaked the area, leave for 10 or so minutes and gently blot up the area. This may take a few times to do, but you will be thankful.

3. Use home made or enzyme based cleaners

Enzyme based cleaners tackle your more stubborn stains. They break down dirt and odour molecules. I always have one of these on hand in case I get a really tricky job. However there are some home made recipes you can make in minutes. My go to is a simple water and washing up liquid mixture. In 400ml of warm water, mix in just 1 tablespoon of washing up liquid. If you want some extra odour protection, just sprinkle over baking soda, wait 10 minutes and vacuum up when finished.

4. Mud and chew treat stains

Beware of mud! Unlike other messes, do not clean this one straight away. Instead, let the mud dry and then simply vacuum it away. Stubborn stains can be washed away with your DIY cleaner or a store bought pet friendly carpet shampoo. Chews that contain colour can transfer annoying stains to carpets and cloth surfaces. This can also be easily blotted away with your DIY or store bought product.

5. Upholstery odours

Who doesn't love a snuggle with our pets in bed or on our sofas?! However these odours can build up over time and stains can be a nightmare to remove. I always remove fresh stains with my DIY mixture plus baking soda. I let this sit for 20 minutes to allow it to really work its magic and kill the odours. For older stains, you may want to obtain an enzyme cleaner from the store that is a little bit more heavy duty. I recommend Bissell as this one has always worked well for me personally. Brushing and bathing your pet regularly can help avoid future stains and smells.

6. Do not punish

It's natural to feel angry up or upset about pet messes. However it is wrong to punish your pet. The accident will soon be forgotten by the animal so rubbing their nose in it or shouting at them will only make it worse. Yelling at an animal about an accident will only lead to them fearing you and going potty in a hidden place next time.

If your pet is having accidents indoors frequently, you may want to speak to a vet about possible underlying health problems.

With these simple tips, we can together live happy and healthy!

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