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Choosing the 'Purfect' Pet Sitter

Are you itching to plan a holiday once restrictions are lifted? We've gathered up some advice for you regarding how to choose the best sitter for your pet while you are away on your holiday. Lockdown has been hard on us all. I know for me, this means missing my trips to seaside escapes, London, France, Belgium, and beyond.

I, like many others, have been waiting for restrictions to lift so that we can safely go on holiday again. Brexit has also changed the way that we travel with our pets. This may mean some will have to stay home. But with that, comes the responsibility of finding a carer for our pets while we are away. We want to make that decision easy and to put your mind at ease.

They own their own business

Those that own their own business pour their heart and soul into what they do. A person who owns their own pet care company will have gone through setting their services up with care to ensure their furry or not so furry clients are well taken care of. These are not hobby sitters or the teenager down the street. They are there at all hours to tend to your needs as well as giving you peace of mind while you are away.

Ask for a meet & greet

This gives you a great opportunity to ask them all of the questions you need to ask before hiring them for the important task of looking after your pet and home. A reputable pet care business will have no problem meeting up to answer all of your questions and queries. This also is a time for them to demonstrate to you their suitability for the job.


When looking for a pet sitter or minder, you should check their insurance. This is for the safety of you, your pet, and shows that the business has credibility. Their insurance should cover all services that they offer whether it be walking, grooming, house sitting, or training.

DBS Checked

Letting someone have access to your home is a major decision. Having a sitter or minder that has been background checked by the police with a DBS check is essential. Nothing is more important than having peace of mind while you are away. Always ask for this when interviewing them for the pet sitting arrangements.


Contracts are not meant to scare anyone. They are there to protect you and ensure you are getting the services you have asked and payed for. A contract should easily explain to you what services the sitter is offering and how much you are going to pay for them. Always ask for clarification on a contract if you are unsure, and they will be happy to help you.

Experience & Confidence

A sitter or minder should have experience working with animals and the confidence to carry the services out that they are offering you. Ask your potential sitter to explain or show you what sort of experience and training they have. This can be through a college or uni course, work experience, or previous sitting jobs. Go with your gut-if they are not meeting your needs, you may need to keep looking. A pet sitter should have no issues explaining their qualifications proudly!


When choosing a pet sitter, ask your friends and family who they recommend. First hand experience is the best way to help you decide on a trustworthy and dependable carer for your precious pet. If they cannot offer a recommendation, look up some local pet sitters and see if they have reviews online through social media or Google. This can also give you a good indication of their credibility and previous customer feedback. Keep in mind a new business may not have many reviews yet. If they do not, ask them to do a meet and greet. This can really support new, local businesses!

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Looking for a pet sitter that will be your pet's best friend? Bluebell pet care is a trustworthy and experienced pet care service in Ashford, Kent. I am fully insured, DBS certified, and offer full transparency. I have been raising and keeping a variety of species of animals for 20 years. I also was an animal management lecturer for 3 and a half years teaching a range of animal courses for college and university level students. I know what it's like finding a pet carer that you can trust, and this is what inspired me to start Bluebell Pet Care and start this blog!

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