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What to buy for your first kitten

Kittens. They are so loveable and sassy. Deciding to get a kitten is such an exciting experience. Bringing any new pet home requires lots of research and commitment. We want to make that experience as easy as possible for you with some guidance and tips.

What do I need to consider beforehand?

  • Your house or flat- If you live in a flat or rent, do they allow pets? Is it safe for a curious and exploring kitten? How cat friendly is your space? Do you have other pets, and will they get along?

  • Breed- Do they fit your lifestyle? What are their care and grooming requirements?

  • Cost- Will you be able to afford all of the items your cat will need including vet care and pet care if you go away?

  • Choosing where you buy from- Are you researching for a reputable breeder or are you going to adopt from a rescue? There are many options, but all must be thoroughly researched before you commit. You also want to ensure you are not buying from a irresponsible backyard breeder.

  • Time- Kittens require time and patience to get used to their new homes. Kittens require more time and attention. If you are not ready to do this, you may find an older cat fits your lifestyle better. Many older cats are easy to care for and so many are in shelters waiting for their 'furever' homes!

  • Allergies- Is any one in your house allergic to cats or have a sensitivity to fur?

Pro Tip:

Find a vet and pet sitter prior to bringing your special little kitty home. Asking your cat-owning friends or family for recommendations first is a great start. Bluebell Pet Care offers in home pet visits to watch over your cat or kitten while you’re away (especially helpful when you work long hours or need a holiday).

Items to purchase for your kitten:

  1. Pet insurance

  2. Kitten Food

  3. Food & Water Bowl

  4. Litter and Litter Trays

  5. Scratching Post

  6. Toys

  7. Cat Carrier

  8. Grooming tools

  9. Blankets

  10. Cat tree (for the posh cat!)

Setting up the house

  • A cat flap can be installed to allow easy and convenient access to the outdoors. However please take into consideration that outdoors can be dangerous. Cats can run away or be hit by cars when allowed to leave with no supervision. Cats are also destructive to wildlife by killing birds and small mammals. If you are letting your cat out freely, you can always put a bell on their collar to reduce the likelihood of them killing wildlife by alerting any potential prey of their presence.

  • Rooms can be set up with various beds and sleeping areas. Some cats enjoy hammocks set up in the windows so that they can get enrichment by seeing the world go by, including all those birds!

  • If you have other pets, make sure your kitty has a space they can be alone in. That way the other pets do not feel they are being crowded. This avoids any fights or scuffles.

  • Ensure all toxic or non cat friendly hazards are removed or put in a secure place.

  • Food, water, and litter boxes should be in separate places. Try setting these up before getting your kitten so that you can see what works best for you.

We wish you all the best in your new kitty quest! Be sure to like, share, and follow us for more cat themed posts this month. We can be found on both Facebook and Instagram. Remember, always do your research and do not be afraid to ask questions!

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