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Our Large Pet First Aid Kits pack a punch and give you what you need to tackle any emergency your pet may experience.  This kit has been reviewed and approved by a practicing Registered Veterinary Nurse.




1x Pair of Gloves

2x Double Sided Dressing Pads

2x Sterile Saline Wipes

2x Standard Dressing Wrap

3x Tick Removers (Various sizes)

1x Micropourous Tape

1x Triangular Bandage (tournique)

1x Tweezers

1x Coheisive Bandage Roll

1x Medical Scissors

2x Saline Flush Pods

1x Thermal Blanket

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Peace of Mind: No more stressing over potential mishaps; with our kits, you can focus on creating beautiful memories with your pet without a worry in the world.


Show Some Love: Makes an excellent gift for any pet parent in your life - they'll thank you for the thoughtfulness and care you've put into keeping their pet safe.


Why leave your pet's safety to chance? Embrace peace of mind and join the many of satisfied pet owners who've made our kits their go-to companion in any pet emergency.


Order now and let the adventures begin with a touch of safety, love, and care!

Large Pet First Aid Kit

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