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Introducing our Pocket Pet First Aid Kit - Your Furry Friend's Safety Savior! Just £12! Free delivery if in Kingsnorth/Park Farm. £3.50 shipping if elsewhere.



1x Large Gloves

1x Dressing Wrap

2x Wipes

2x Low Adherent Dressing

1x Tape

3x Tick Removers 

1x Tweezers

1x Triangular Bandage (Torniquet)


Small, but mighty, our Pocket Pet First Aid Kit is the ultimate guardian angel for your beloved four-legged companions. Compact and portable, it fits snugly into your pocket or bag, ensuring that you'll always be prepared for those unexpected mishaps during your adventures together.


Key Features:

1. All-in-One Solution: From tiny scratches to minor boo-boos, this kit is packed with everything you need to tackle common pet emergencies on the go.

2. Pet-Friendly Supplies: Specially curated with your pet's needs in mind, every component is gentle and safe to use on our pets.

3. Secure: Each item is securely organized in a compact case, keeping everything in place and protected against your pet-friendly escapades. You can also had a clip for more storage options!

4. Adventure-Ready: Whether you're hiking in the woods, camping by the lake, or simply strolling through the neighborhood, this kit ensures that your furry friend remains safe and sound by your side.

5. Peace of Mind: No more stressing over potential mishaps; with our pocket kit, you can focus on creating beautiful memories with your pet without a worry in the world.

6. Show Some Love: Makes an excellent gift for any pet parent in your life - they'll thank you for the thoughtfulness and care you've put into keeping their fur baby safe.


Why leave your pet's safety to chance? Embrace peace of mind and join the many already satisfied pet owners who've made our Pocket First Aid Kit their go-to companion in any pet emergency.

Pocket Pet First Aid Kit

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